Long that the bestseller for its intermediate macroeconomics class, Greg Mankiw’s beautifully crafted textbook maintains its power, money, and energy edition after edition, and also the new Eighth Edition is the most accomplished yet. Again, Mankiw supplies an incredibly clear and succinct introduction to the macroeconomy, taking into account of this 2007-2009 financial crisis and the steps taken in reaction to it. Besides another chapter directly motivated by the catastrophe (Chapter 20, The Financial System: Opportunities and Dangers) the newest edition also includes new study, discussions, and case studies during, in addition to the very extensive media/supplements bundle available for almost any intermediate macroeconomics.

You’re welcome to utilize the newest Financial System: Opportunities and Dangers chapter this session with students. We’ll keep it submitted through early June to permit free access for those who would like to have students read it.

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