Dentistry strategy presents most medical, surgical, surgical, and other interventions through the lens of the nursing procedure.

Reader-friendly, direct writing style makes this among the most used medical-surgical nursing books out there. Cutting-edge concentrate on the hottest trends in nursing practice and nursing education prepares one for both today and tomorrow’s nursing clinic. Integrated tools for NCLEX prep get you prepared for the licensure examination.

Chapter-opening Learning Outcomes are connected to Self-Assessment Questions for the NCLEX Evaluation on the Evolve website.

Particular chapter-ending Get Prepared for the NCLEX Examination! Segments comprise Key Points coordinated by NCLEX Client Needs Groups. Concentrate on nursing theories helps bridge the difference between the theories learned in Nursing Basics, and ailments content found in the medical-surgical nursing program. Concentrate on clinical conclusion instructs you to apply theories to true-to-life clinical scenarios. Concentration on the core body of knowledge for the RN degree of medical-surgical nursing clinic concentrates your attention on “need-to-know” articles to pass the NCLEX Examination and exercise safely as a beginning nurse.

  • Rich Collection of successful learning aids contains:
  • Best Exercise for Patient Safety & Quality Care
  • Best Exercise for Emergency Care
  • Patient and Family Education: Preparing for Self-Management
  • Nursing Focus on the Elderly Adult
  • Home Care Assessment
  • Focused Assessment
  • Common Cases of Medication Treatment
  • Evidence-Based Exercise
  • Concept Maps
  • Laboratory Profiles
  • Assessment Using Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns

Patient security is highlighted throughout with Nursing Safety Priority attributes, such as Medication Alerts, Vital Rescue, and Action Alerts.

More NCLEX® Exam preparation, such as incorporated NCLEX Examination Challenges to prepare one for the sorts of questions that you will notice on the current NCLEX Examination.

Greater utilization of realistic clinical terminology familiarizes you with all the language actually used by physicians, nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals in clinical practice now.

Streamlined, the prioritized policy of the surgical procedure highlights the most significant individual issues, irrespective of whether they may be addressed by individual nursing activities or needs to be addressed by collaborative interventions.

UNIQUE! New ties to QSEN competencies for individual security notify one of the very best security practices in medical-surgical nursing.

More policy of evidence-based practice educates you how you can evaluate the validity of the study and provides synopses of current nursing research as well as other evidence-based articles.

Student Resources on Evolve include cartoons, video clips, video clips, sound clips, tutorials, Review Questions for the NCLEX Examination, and much more.

Improved design and layout streamlines articles for a simpler reading experience.

Coverage of heart genetics competencies acquaints you with a fresh study demonstrating a genetic element to a lot of diseases and ailments.

Increased emphasis on health promotion and marketing of self-care offers approaches for helping individuals recover from disease and remain well and protect against illness.

All-new Theory Maps coincide with the compact nursing process structure of this text and use more innovative, visually oriented logos.

Employing a distinctively collaborative and reader-friendly strategy, specialist authors Donna D. Ignatavicius and M. Linda Workman cover all of the hottest trends, evidence-based therapy plans, and additional upgraded information necessary for safe clinical practice from medical-surgical nursing. This seventh edition features a heightened emphasis on patient safety and NCLEX® Exam preparation, fresh ties into the QSEN priorities for individual safety, and also a larger alignment with the speech and attention on clinical practice. A brand new chapter in evidence-based practice along with an abundance of successful online learning programs help reevaluate your own mastery of medical-surgical nursing.

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